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Look at me

Flock Up


‘Flock Up’: def (collective noun),

people who make a tit of themselves. Join Clare Plested in the hide as she observes five flock ups in their natural habitat. Binoculars provided;

egg stealers will be prosecuted;

twitchers welcome. 

Character comedy from a total flock up. 

The Essential Collection


A diva driven comedy compilation. Expect sequins. Expect sambuca. Expect everything to go wrong. It’s the comedy equivalent of an emotional breakthrough album. 

Vegas, Jesus and Me


Clare’s your classic Catholic Watford girl binge drinker.  She’s both saint and sinner. At 16 she lost her virginity (naughty) but it’s three years later than the Virgin Mary and she was last in her class to loose it so she’s no Mary Magdalene (excellent). She’s been with this boy ever since (very good). He looks like Jesus (even better) and he’s a carpenter (she’s struck gold). Now they’re getting married. 

In Vegas.  

By a fake Catholic priest to please her mum. 


Complicated? Wait for her wedding speech (if she’s not too wasted).

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